Transforming the future of nursing

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Worldwide Nursing (WNC) Conference

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Registered Nurses: Partners in Transforming Primary Care Proceedings of a conference on Preparing Registered Nurses for Enhanced Roles in Primary Care. National nurse leader talks about the campaign’s progress, future plans.

By Janice Petrella Lynch, MSN, RN. The Institute of Medicine recently released a report on the progress achieved to date on the recommendations set forth by the IOM’s report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Campaign for Action, a nursing initiative developed by the Robert Wood Johnson.

Read chapter 5 Transforming Leadership: The Future of Nursing explores how nurses' roles, responsibilities, and education should change significantly to. Read chapter Front Matter: The Future of Nursing explores how nurses' roles, responsibilities, and education should change significantly to meet the incr.

In addition to changes in nursing practice and education, discussed in Chapters 3 and 4, respectively, strong leadership will be required to realize the vision of a transformed health care system.

Although the public is not used to viewing nurses as leaders, and not all nurses begin their career with thoughts of becoming a leader, all nurses must be leaders in the design, implementation, and.

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The Future of Nursing: Focus on Education Transforming the future of nursing
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