The romanesque period

The Romanesque Period

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Romanesque Art: History, Characteristics, and Important Facts

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Romanesque art

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Discovering Medieval Art: Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic Art

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Back to the Middle Ages: On the Romanesque Road

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Romanesque art

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Romanesque Period -Romanesque ("Romanlike") is a term only coined in the early 19th century that refers specifically to the type of monumental stone architecture with rounded arches that. Romanesque art was an art form that was significant in the architectural patterns in Medieval Europe.

Symbolized by semicircular arches and strong pillars, many cathedrals that were built during this period were inspired by this art form. The term "Romanesque," meaning in the manner of the Romans, was first coined in the early nineteenth century.

Today it is used to refer to the period of European art from the second half of the eleventh century throughout the twelfth (with the exception of the region around Paris where the Gothic. The name gives it away–Romanesque architecture is based on Roman architectural elements.

It is the rounded Roman arch that is the literal basis for structures built in this style. All through the regions that were part of the ancient Roman Empire are ruins of Roman aqueducts and buildings, most of. Romanesque Patrons and Processes: Design and Instrumentality in the Art and.

It takes you over kilometers through the state of Saxony-Anhalt and links 88 structures that were built during the Romanesque period .

The romanesque period
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