The origins of common superstitions

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The Surprising Origins of 9 Common Superstitions

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The Most Common Superstitions: Origin and Meanings

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What are the origins of the most common superstitions? This list has the top 13 common superstitions and their origins. If you were wondering how these common superstitions grew to be well known, and practiced, this list has the answers.

The Most Common Superstitions: Origin and Meanings

In order to have a feeling of appeasing these forces, different behaviors or customs arose that would dictate a favorable fate and good fortune. Many superstitions have come from mythology, where omens were common.

Superstitions live on because they have been passed on from generation to generation. Easily one of the most commonly abided by superstitions, knocking on wood revolves around pagan beliefs about spirits. On the one hand, some pagans believed that good. Apr 03,  · Superstitions can be very much a part of society and culture.

And while most of them are harmless, it is interesting to trace the sometimes very different origins of these weird practices. If it's not hurting anyone and you're having fun, then there is nothing wrong with a little bit of connection to our past through the practice of superstitious usagiftsshops.coms: In spite of being one of the most popular superstitions of modern times, historians are uncertain of its origins.

One possibility is that it originated in the habit of touching a. Superstitions pervade society as age-old folklore we laugh about in groups, but let's be honest-we all catch ourselves knocking on wood and thinking twice before passing under an open ladder.

As far-fetched and downright ridiculous as some of them may seem, these lighthearted wives' tales actually have deep historical and cultural roots, some of which date back to ancient civilizations.

The origins of common superstitions
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8 Common Superstitions Around The World With Their Origins