The issue of posting pictures of ballots on social networking sites during the american presidential

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Social media and the 2012 elections

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Tweeting 2016: How Social Media is Shaping the Presidential Election

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Online voting available, if you have pen and paper

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Jun 16,  · Return to Transcripts main page. AMERICAN MORNING one of the interesting things about what we're seeing in these protests right now is the social networking sites that young people are using.

Nov 04,  · Only about 1 percent of registered voters in the US can cast their ballots electronically. Why? Online voting available, if you have pen and paper. the American abroad, said it was.

Don’t Selfie Your Ballot?

BILL PRIESTAP’S SPOUSE TIED TO DEEP STATE IOT TAKEOVER OF UNIVERSITY CURRICULA GLOBALLY his expert analysis of why the FBI is indicting these Russians for their social media activity during the Presidential Election. Full story [VIDEO]: month that Mark Zuckerberg obtained Leader Technologies' social networking source.

Users on social networking sites find it easier to isolate themselves politically than consumers of conventional news media, allowing for users online to stew within a homogenous broth of political thoughts (Parmelee & Bichard,p.

20). Social media and the elections.

Tweeted your ballot? You may have broken the law

Author: Instructor. Published: Twitter and other social networking sites. Posting your thoughts and that people should also feel the same way is not the right way to get your side across. Social media sites have been especially active with politics during and after one of the presidential debates.

The issue of posting pictures of ballots on social networking sites during the american presidential
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