The impact of nonprofit organizations in narrowing the achievement gap

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Closing the Achievement Gap

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TCF's largest-ever unrestricted grant to help close Boulder County achievement gap

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The results of the text are encouraging:. Globe correspondent Megan Scudellari reports that researchers are noticing a welcome reversal in the decades long widening of the “achievement gap”—the variations in academic skills between low-income students and their better-off peers.

The achievement gap shows up in many places, such as standardized test scores, class grades, and. Narrowing the academic achievement gap between economically disadvantaged minority children and affluent white children is one of the nation’s greatest and most persistent challenges, and RP's model is a promising way to meet it.

The staff’s approach reflects a desire to avoid the types of conflicts that California and other states had with the Obama administration, which imposed tight regulations and prescriptions for fixing schools under the No Child Left Behind Act.

The JLM focuses on narrowing the achievement gap in Minneapolis through organizations. 03 04 06 02 08 Vision The Junior League of Minneapolis is a (c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization.

Teacher Training

It was established inThe Junior League of Minneapolis is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing. ImpactNC seeks proposals from nonprofit organizations serving communities in eastern North Carolina. These organizations must address literacy, dropout rates and/or the achievement gap in education.

Initiatives may include, but are not limited to. impact and success is yet to be determined, these efforts were chosen because they are robust, long- measures specifically targeted at narrowing the achievement gap: Funding for a nonprofit organization to provide instructional software and .

The impact of nonprofit organizations in narrowing the achievement gap
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