The history of the evolution of comedy

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Episode List

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Your Favorite Shows Are Back!

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The Evolution of Comedy

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A CNN Original Series exploring what makes us laugh, why and how that's influenced our social and political landscape throughout history. A CNN Original Series exploring what makes us laugh, why and how that's influenced our social and political landscape throughout history.

The Evolution of Commercial Woodwind Doubling

A CNN Original Series exploring what makes us laugh, why and how that's influenced our social and political landscape throughout history. Before we can talk about the history of the romantic comedy, we should discuss what that actually is.A romantic comedy (or rom com) is defined as "a movie or play that deals with love in a light.

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In the second longest running comedy in the history of television first appeared on the air. That show was THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM, and it ran continuously for 15 years.

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The history of the evolution of comedy
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