The british empires control over india

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British Influence in India During the 19th Century

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British Empire

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British Raj

42 terms. Following this, the British became the dominant European power in the subcontinent of India and took either control of, or had influence over, all the multitude of petty kingdoms that made up India. Mar 03,  · InBritish Crown rule was established in India, ending a century of control by the East India Company.

The life and death struggle that preceded this formalisation of British control. InIndia was part of the British Empire; but by the end ofIndia had achieved independence.

For most of the Nineteenth Century, India was ruled by the British. India was considered the jewel in the crown of the British Empire. In the 18th century, India was an advanced civilisation and the rulers regarded the British with disdain. By the s, this had changed and the balance of power had shifted in favour of the British.

The British Presence in India in the 18th Century The british empires control over india
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