Odysseus the reluctant warrior

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In Greek Myth, Who is Achilles?

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Warrior Prince

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The Warrior Prince trope as used in popular culture. This is where a member of royalty takes part in battle himself, especially as a commander. This was once. The Iliad The Argonautika Site Contents.

King Odysseus of the island of Ithaka (Ithaca) is perhaps one of the best known figures from Greek history. He was a devoted husband, a caring father, fearless warrior, clever diplomat and spirited adventurer his exploits are literally to stuff of legend.

Odysseus was a reluctant warrior who went to battle in the Trojan War. After a long fought war Odysseus was reluctant in his battling, and Odysseus came out victorious. The Trojan War was a treacherous war and if you wanted to survive you had to be smart, hard headed, and reluctant.

Summary. Of the Greeks who made it back to their homes Odysseus was fated to wander the longest — a full ten years — and he knew it. Among the Trojan women Hecuba fell to him, an old harridan now who could not forgive the way Odysseus had thrown her grandson Astyanax from the walls of Troy.

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Odysseus the reluctant warrior
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