Future of smart phones

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Smartphone future tech: Where can we possibly go from here?

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The near future of smartphones (Smartphones Unlocked)

At Macworld we spend a lot of time wondering about the next generation of Apple devices. (If you share our curiosity, take a look at our iPhoneiPad mini 5 and Apple Car rumour articles, and. Aug 25,  · Let’s discuss some of the scientific advances that are making this sci-fi dream a reality.

Learning About Deep Learning. Most of us use deep-learning technology every day and don’t even know it. The mobile phones of the future are expected to be more closely embedded in our day-to-day lives than ever before. Some futurologists and industry experts predict that in.

The mobile phones of the future are expected to be more closely embedded in our day-to-day lives than ever before. Some futurologists and industry experts predict that in years to come mobile. A flat market where a huge chunk of the profit is going to one player is a tough one to operate in, and more than ever at MWC, smartphone makers are casting about in search of the next big thing.

Nov 19,  · Meet the future phones that fold up, have 9 cameras and charge over thin air. Lately, our smartphones all look alike. So our tech columnist hunted in labs, start-ups and China’s thriving phone.

5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones Future of smart phones
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