Future of jewellery

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The sweet hidden message engraved on Meghan Markle’s Cartier watch

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Ultimate Jewellery Guide Summer 2019

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Positive Outlook for Global Luxury Jewellery Industry -Ken Research

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— Gannon Brousseau, senior vice president of the Jewelry Group at Emerald Expositions Once the pivotal jewelry event for the industry, JA New York has evolved into a regional show for the Northeast, as the Atlanta Jewelry Show is for the South.

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All jewellery items and watches come with one year manufacturer's warranty as standard. Luxury brands will clearly want to remain competitive in the future, and having a key point of difference will ensure they stand out.

In my view, lab-grown diamonds are the innovation that will change the luxury jewellery market for ever. But diamonds for personal use are just a small portion of what the future holds when it comes to creating diamonds. There are so many applications for having a transparent substance that is also incredibly strong.

What Is the Future of Jewelry Trade Shows?

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Future of jewellery
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The Future of Jewelry - THE FUTURE OF JEWELRY