Consequences of the first world war history essay

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Historical Context: The Global Effect of World War I

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Did the Treaty of Versailles cause World War II - Essay Example

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Economic history of World War I

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The most immediate and directly significant consequence of The Great War, to our history, would probably be the rise of Nazism in Germany, the ascent of Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust and World War Two.

America s Involvement in World War two not only contributed in the eventual downfall of the insane Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich, but also came at the precise time and moment.

Had the United States entered the war any earlier the consequences might have been worse. The First World War redrew the map of Europe and the Middle East. Four great empires, the Romanov, the Hohenzollern, the Habsburg, and the Ottoman, were defeated and collapsed.

They were replaced by a number of weak and sometimes avaricious successor states. One of the most important consequences of the War was that it completely overhauled the structure and motivation of the suffrage movements.

By both the militant and constitutional factions were behind the war effort absolutely. Causes of first world war essay.

Effects of war

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Consequences of the first world war history essay
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