An overview of the scandals in baseball

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The Black Sox Baseball Scandal

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Black Sox Scandal

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Bernie: Plot thickens in Cards' hacking scandal He wasn't a fringe player, or an anonymous analyst Correa was a rising star in the St. Louis baseball operation, promoted three times since.

Some of MLB’s scandals are well known, like the World Series, Pete Rose being banned from baseball for life, and the more recent steroid allegations against some big name players.

Biogenesis baseball scandal

Others are less known but no less shocking. Nov 18,  · We all know about baseball's great stories: the up-and-coming teams that win championships, the player that bounces back from problems to be a star and the stories that come out of nowhere are all.

Black Sox Scandal: Black Sox Scandal, American baseball scandal centring on the charge that eight members of the Chicago White Sox had been bribed to lose the World Series to. Welcome to, the official site of Major League Baseball.

An overview of the scandals in baseball
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The Black Sox Baseball Scandal - HISTORY