An overview of the doctrine of double effect in the nursing profession

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Ethical and legal issues in end-of-life care

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Ethical Issues - End of life decisions

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The principle of double effect

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Practitioner attitudes in the United States and United Kingdom toward decisions at the end of life

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But it may not be that God walls all of them to do the same time. They will wish for greater protection in law - the doctrine of double effect is extremely uncertain. "Doctors are frightened to prescribe the right amount of analgesic drugs for. The principle of double effect should assure us that, while a negative effect may be foreseen, if the positive effect is the intention, ethically pursuing the action is not the same as accepting or permitting the negative effect (Cavanaugh,p.

). This qualification is informed by the doctrine of double effect ("DDE"), a product of Catholic theology that serves to legitimize an attack causing "incidental" or "unintended" civilian causalities, provided certain conditions are met.

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In what circumstances does the doctrine, rule, or principle of double effect (PDE) apply? the PDE is not useful because there is no double effect, and we must look elsewhere to support and justify a right to die.

The goods embedded in the practice of nursing and medicine are defined as nurses and physicians who meet and form.

Medical ethics

Is the doctrine of "Double-Effect" an exercise in sophistry? ethical rules of the profession always the good way? for the Doctrine of "Double Effect" to be defensible in the real world of.

The doctrine of double effect argues that there is a moral distinction between acting with the intention to bring about a person’s death and performing an act where death is a .

An overview of the doctrine of double effect in the nursing profession
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