An examination of the movie the matrix

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An examination of the spiritual message of the Matrix, with comparisons and contrasts (actual message used clips as described) God in the Movies The Matrix What is Real? Warning – for any children in the audience, some of the clips might be disturbing Premise of the movie for any that haven’t seen it.

According to the Architect in The Matrix Reloaded, Neo isn't the first One; instead, he is the sixth usagiftsshops.coms are not meaningless in these films, and perhaps the first five are meant to symbolize the Five Books of Moses of the Old Testament. Some important film techniques for analysing cinematic texts, including examples of how they might contribute to a film's meaning.

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Home > Blog > Film Techniques: How to Analyse a Cinematic Text. Matrix Blog > English Film Techniques: How to Analyse a Cinematic Text. Love film but don't know how to analyse or discuss it?

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The BEST explanation of the Matrix Trilogy I've read so far!

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An examination of the spiritual message of the Matrix, with comparisons and contrasts (actual message used clips as described) Trending: God in the Movies.

The Matrix. What is Real? Warning – for any children in the audience, some of the clips might be disturbing. The Matrix is a sci-fi John Hughes movie, in which a misfit learns that he's actually cool. (Think Harry Potter with guns.) At the software company where Keanu Reeves works.

An examination of the movie the matrix
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