Abuse of animals in the circus essay

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Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from usagiftsshops.com exploitation, maltreatment - Abuse of Animals in the Circus. Analysis of Animal Treatment in Circus Essay - Animals have been a main focus in circus performances around the world for many centuries; however, in recent history, there have been far more regulations put on the use of these creatures, stemming mainly from how they are treated by both.

The animal rights movement, sometimes called the animal liberation movement, animal personhood, or animal advocacy movement, is a social movement which seeks an end to the rigid moral and legal distinction drawn between human and non-human animals, an end to the status of animals as property, and an end to their use in the research, food, clothing, and entertainment industries.

- Describe the Essay Topic This essay proposes to investigate the ethics of training, and subsequently utilising, circus animals for the purpose of human entertainment.

Therefore, the essay will respond to the question “what moral or ethical obligations do humans have in respect of other animals.

Abuse of animals in the circus essay
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