A look at factors leading to the high rate of homicide in miami dade county

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Homicide Investigation Tracking System

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Sex offender registry

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Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) Transcript. Risk Factors for Premature Death include risk factors for the nation's leading killers of heart disease and cancer as well as personal behaviors and lifestyles choices.

Michigan. So, you will see that this includes: LA County in California, Miami-Dade County in Florida, Cook County. Unequal Treatment: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Miami-Dade Criminal Justice, ACLU Florida Greater Miami.

July, July, (This report finds that from arrest to sentencing, racial disparities exist at each decision point in the Miami-Dade County’s criminal justice system.). Miami-Dade County, Florida, is tackling obesity throughout the community, which is home to nearly million residents.

The rate of obesity and overweight adults in the county is %. Approximately 13% of high-school students are obese and only 12% attend daily physical-education classes at school, which is lower than the state rate of 44%.

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To date, there are no data in the scientific literature about the temporal or geographic trends of firearm violence in Miami Dade County, which has a homicide rate that is % higher than the national average. The Two Worlds of Aggression for Men and Women Graham, Deviant homicide: A new look at the role of motives and victim-offender relationships.

Decker, S. H. Rethinking violence against women. An analysis of homicide patterns and trends in Dade County (Miami) Florida, Chavez abducted Jimmy Ryce at gunpoint after the boy got off a school bus on Sept.

The Miami times.

11,in rural southwestern Miami-Dade County. Trial testimony showed Chavez raped the boy and then shot him when he tried to escape, dismembering his body and putting the parts in concrete-covered planters.

A look at factors leading to the high rate of homicide in miami dade county
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